Top 20 Stand-up Pouches Manufacturers and Suppliers

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The annual output of standing pouch accounts for more than 30% of the total global food packaging bags. It is amazing data. We can say that it is the most popular bag type for customers in the food industry. The stand-up pouch has the unparalleled advantages of other packaging forms. Therefore, many excellent stand up pouches manufacturers and stand-up pouch suppliers have appeared. We have identified the world’s top 20 most well-known stand-up pouches manufacturers and suppliers based on annual turnover and website traffic. They are the top leaders in the industry, both in bag-making technology and innovation.

Paper Mart

Company Profile

Paper Mart started as a small garage in Los Angeles and later developed into the largest discount packaging supply company in the United States. Paper Mart is definitely your good choice if you are looking for high-quality stand-up pouches manufacturers in the market.

Some of their most popular pouch options include:

  • Metal rice paper vertical food bag.
  • Window rice paper self-supporting bag.
  • Stand-up pouch with oval window.
  • Zippered food bag.
  • Square bottom gusset food bag.
  • Double-shielded transparent front upright food bag.

Many of Paper Mart’s pouches provide customized services in color and size to provide customers with more choices.


Company Profile

ClearBags is a one-stop-shop for packaging supply needs. After 26 years of development, ClearBags has 5,000 powerful products and has become a leader in flexible packaging in the food industry.

As a top-level stand-up pouch supplier, ClearBags has the advantages of fast order turnover, high-quality customer service, and the best price in the industry. Whether a start-up company or a large company, they provide the best custom design and printing services.

ABC Packaging

Company Profile

ABC Packaging provides manufacturers with comprehensive packaging and supply chain solutions. Everyone agrees that ABC Packaging has created a new era for the packaging industry. As their company’s CEO said, “Our company has been in business since 1958. During that time, we competed with many different standing pouch manufacturers.

But in the end, the team stood out from other companies. Don’t let this name fool you. It’s not just a self-supporting bag. We can do all of this.”  More importantly, ABC Packaging has the same advantages as the Amazon platform because customers will find that investing in can save 10-35% of costs on average.

PBFY flexible packaging

Company Profile

PBFY flexible packaging manufactures and distributes coffee packaging bags, food packaging bags, restaurant packaging, pouches, films, etc. They are one of the well-known stand-up pouches manufacturers in North America. The markets they serve include coffee, tea, specialty, natural food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, pet food, and other industries.

PBFY stand-up pouches are designed with a convenient bottom gusset, allowing them to quickly grab customers’ attention on a display rack full of goods! In addition to the k seal pouch, PBFY also offers self-supporting bags in various colors, clear and solid colors, glossy and matte finishes, and various materials. Their stand-up pouch packaging can be used for custom printing and custom labels.


Company Profile

IMPAKCORPORATION.COM is the online website of IMPAK Corporation. Their companies are located in Los Angeles, California, and Vero Beach, Florida. As a company that has been in business for nearly 30 years, IMPAK can manufacture more food stand-up pouches than almost any other company. In addition to the numerous standing pouches in stock at any time, they also focus on providing customer-specific films and sizes. Not only that, but IMPAK can also solve even the most complex packaging challenges.


Company Profile

PackFreshUSA believes that it is vital for buyers to have 100% confidence in the safety of their food storage. This is why they are among the top-standing pouch manufacturers. PackFreshUSA’s food stand-up pouches have been sold in the United States since 1992.

Because of their reliability and other advantages, they have become the preferred stand-up pouch supplier for many American companies. In addition to providing excellent product protection, PackFreshUSA’s flexible packaging is much cheaper than other stand-up pouches manufacturers. As a result, their product packaging appears on the shelves of Costco, Safeway, Trader Joe, and many other well-known retailers.

LPS Industries

Company Profile

LPS Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and one of the outstanding standing pouch manufacturers in the United States. With the following advantages, LPS differentiates itself from its competitors:

  • Diversified product portfolio
  • Direct Sales Team
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Internal coating, lamination, and zipper extrusion capabilities
  • Modern R&D laboratory
  • Full-service printing and art department.

There is no doubt that innovative research and development is also one of the advantages of LPS. LPS wholesale various types of zipper self-supporting bags for customers’ bulk products. Each product has a high definition, high barrier, and unforgettable colors.

Sav-on Bags

Company Profile

Sav-on Bags is one of the veteran stand-up pouches manufacturers in the United States and is known for its high quality. In Sav-on Bags, you can enjoy direct business-to-business services to provide the best packaging solutions for your products. As a stand-up pouch supplier with many years of experience, Sav-on Bags has always maintained innovation and creativity.

They provide high-quality, affordable, and reliable packaging materials and win customers’ trust with a wide range of packaging products and excellent customer service. And Sav-on Bags has convenient custom packaging and labeling services, providing custom printed bags and custom labels. In addition, you can install check valves and hanging holes.


Company Profile

For 50 years, Glenroy has been a trusted supplier of high-quality customized, flexible packaging in North America. They specialize in flexible packaging lamination and innovative stand-up pouches, serving small manufacturers in various industries and customers of Fortune 500 companies.

Glenroy has a reputation in the industry for making reliable and consistent stand-up pouches. Their goal is to become the preferred stand-up pouch supplier for North American customers. More than just talking, Glenroy’s flexible packaging is reliable, cost-effective, and equipped with the best customer service in the industry.

The Packaging Lab

Company Profile

The Packaging Lab has more than 40 years of experience in the packaging industry. In thepkglab, customers can customize standing bags and packaging films through a simple process. With its pioneering online solutions and state-of-the-art production facilities, Packaging Lab enables customers’ products to enter the market quickly and avoid confusion.

They provide satisfactory customized services:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • No tooling cost
  • Custom printed packaging
  • When ordering online, the fastest 24 hours turnaround

The Polymer Packaging

Company Profile

Polymer Packaging Family of Companies focuses on turning ideas and concepts into reality. Since its establishment in 1986, PPI has developed into a first-class manufacturing organization. They specialize in providing excellent flexible packaging solutions for food, medical, pharmaceutical, and other markets across the country.

Therefore, PPI is also recognized as one of the trusted standing pouch manufacturers. The polymer has extensive experience producing multi-layer barrier laminates for food and has been committed to finding solutions to reduce costs. In addition to standard forms, Polymer can manufacture stand-up pouches of various sizes and shapes. And their products are trusted to provide the best oxygen barrier, easy opening and reclosing, excellent consumer storage, microwave capabilities, and more.


Company Profile

TedPack is a stand up pouch supplier in Dongguan, China. They specialize in the manufacture of flexible packaging products for export to Europe and the United States. And provide consulting, analysis, quality assurance, and one-stop logistics services. TedPack usually uses high barrier materials to produce stand-up pouches.

To date, TedPack has provided services to more than 30 industries from 15 countries. If you are looking for stand-up pouches manufacturers to cooperate with, TedPack will be your perfect choice when buying packaging bags and pouches. The bottom gusset allows the bag to stand easily. Customers can customize with or without a self-sealing valve, handle, or window.


Company Profile

Econo-Pak was founded by the Wiebel family more than 30 years ago as a contract packaging company. Today, the Wiebel family is the third generation, committed to making Econo-Pak the leading food stand-up pouch supplier in North America. The Wiebel series has always provided durable, high-quality designs with smart aesthetics and reliable performance.

In addition to providing highly customizable flexible packaging, from pouch filling to vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS), as well as flow and shrink packaging and bulk food packaging are Econo-Pak’s strengths. Not only that, Econo-Pak serves a wide range of customers, from supermarkets, pharmacies, and dollar stores to club shops, vendors, and convenience stores.

Flair Flexible

Company Profile

Flair is a privately-owned family company whose products have passed the FSSC22000 certification approved by GFSI and comply with FDA, USDA, and CFIA standards. For nearly 30 years, Flair Flexible has cooperated with brands to develop comprehensive packaging solutions for each group of unique specifications.

Flair’s extensive inventory packaging program includes stand-up pouches with a range of barrier properties, colors, and convenience features. These standard transparent and high-barrier stand-up pouches are made of PLATiNUM co-extruded film. They offer a reclosable zipper closure, easy-to-open tear opening, and excellent transparency, making them ideal for items viewed through a pouch. Flair also provides a broad portfolio of customized products and services to meet unique packaging requirements. These stand-up pouch structures are designed to withstand hot filling, HPP, or distillation processes.


Company Profile

HIBAGS Co., Ltd. is an experienced food stand-up pouch supplier in China. It provides various types of stand-up pouches:

  • Transparent stand-up pouch
  • Stand-up zipper bag
  • Spout bag
  • Kraft paper stand-up bag
  • Resealable bag
  • Plastic zipper bag

In addition to providing high-quality self-supporting bags, Hibags also has a variety of flexible packaging products to choose from, from PE ziplock bags and PE slide bags to different laminated bags to Co-Ex film. Their stand-up pouches are made of food-grade non-toxic materials and are very popular in the flexible packaging industry. As one of the professional large-scale stand-up pouches manufacturers, Hibags also provides customers with customized wholesale services for self-supporting pouches. In other words, customers can order the size, color, and shape of the stand-up pouch packaging according to actual needs.

Connover Packaging

Company Profile

As one of the excellent standing pouch manufacturers, Connover Packaging can customize printed stand-up pouches and packaging for customers. They can also produce products with many special features, such as heavy-duty self-sealing, tearing, hanging holes, or die-cut handles. Connover Packaging stand-up pouches are made from various laminated films, manufactured in sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 8 pounds. And provide up to 16 different color options, including matte finishes. The stand-up pouch printed at Connover Packaging provides customers with ample storage space and has the beauty of increasing sales.

We have to say that their stand-up pouch is easy to use and ideal for storage. Not only can it provide excellent moisture, odor, and air barriers, it can also be used to package food, pet products, and many other consumer products. Connover has industry-leading 10-color printing capabilities, which means that customers’ products will have eye-catching graphics and brand recognition.

Smart Pouches

Company Profile

Smart Pouches is a FlexiPACK company, one of various high-quality stand-up pouches manufacturers and suppliers. They manufacture a wide variety of high-quality stand-up pouches. There are also flat bags, laminated films, and accessories with full functionality and additional components.

Among them, the range of self-supporting bags includes:

  • Triangular bottom bags.
  • Flat bottom bags.
  • Triangular side bags.
  • Spouted bags.
  • Special-shaped bags.
  • Retort bags.
  • Flat bags.

Smart Pouches has the most advanced manufacturing facilities and offices in Europe, America, and Asia to expand the customer circle. Compared with other standing pouch manufacturers, Smart Pouches can manufacture high-quality products and reliable services at a competitive price.

Maco PKG

Company Profile

For more than 80 years, Maco PKG has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and responsible stand up pouches manufacturers. They offer a wide range of flexible packaging options, including the most popular stand-up pouch. They are versatile and practical and are easily recognized in the market. Some materials such as foil, polyethylene, and paper make self-supporting bags with and without zippers.

And they provide customers with different sizes and designs, including ordinary and printed ones. Excellent shelf presence makes Maco PKG’s stand-up pouch the best choice for packaging various products. We strongly recommend that you use them in industrial products because they can increase efficiency and reduce waste. A wide variety of stand-up pouches protect against moisture, gas, and light. Most importantly, they have high-efficiency load-bearing capacity and high-quality raw materials using the most advanced technology.

Logos Pack

Company Profile

Logos Pack is a leading flexible packaging company providing first-class packaging solutions for various industries for 15 years. Above all, Logos Pack stand-up pouches ensure product safety and protection from chemicals, oxygen, and moisture. At the same time, their bags have fast heat sealing and pressure resistance.

Even if it falls from a height, it can prevent bag leakage and product deterioration. In addition, Logos Pack has mature printing technology, which can better express the bright colors of products and immensely attract customers’ attention. Currently, they have two factories, one has five production lines, and the other has two production lines. Both factories are equipped with advanced manufacturing technology to mass-produce high-quality, durable, and safe self-supporting bags.

Diamond Flexible Packaging

Company Profile

Diamond Flexible Packaging is a leading flexible stand-up pouch supplier with nearly 90 years of experience in flexible packaging manufacturing. At Diamond, their third-generation family business provides packaging solutions for 10-color printing of various film specifications and widths. Diamond’s four significant advantages are innovative design, improved operating performance, reduced material sources, and commitment to quality. Moreover, you can use Diamond’s stand-up pouch option in a variety of applications. The reclosable pouch provides reusable versatility, including sliders and pressing to close the zipper.


Most of the world’s top stand-up pouches manufacturers and stand-up pouch suppliers were founded very early and have a long history. Without exception, they all have advanced technology and a spirit of continuous innovation. If you are a food production company or supplier, they must be your best choice. We have compiled Top 20 stand up pouches manufacturers, hoping to provide helpful information for your business.

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