Top 30 Nail Designs For 2022

Nail arts emerged as a means to design the nails with artistic designs that express one’s creativity. With many DIY nail art designs, many people have cultivated an interest and indulged in the art of designing their nails by themselves.

If you are planning to do your nail arts on your own, you require various tools such as detail brushes of different size and shape, nail tape, dotting tool, nail file, striper brush, base coat and nail paints. These tools help in attain perfection just like salon done nails. In this article, we will explore the top 30 nail designs for 2022 that are trending right now.

Trending Nail Designs To Try in 2022

Here are the most trending elegant nail designs 2022 that you should definitely give it a try. We\’ve added links to Instagram models for your future exploration.

1. Pastel Swirl Nail Designs

Being one of the trendy spring nail designs, pastel swirls have caught the attention and hearts of many with its gorgeous swirls painted in pastel color. It is a perfect colorful mix of various pastel colors drawn in vertical or horizontal swirl lines. 

To make the swirls stand out, try an abstract swirl which is more versatile. You can customize it by choosing your favorite palette to paint your nails giving a groovy look.


2. Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are quite an attention seeker that makes people stare at your nails with wonder. It looks exactly like the shimmer of crushed velvet in daylight. Only finely milled glitters can give a perfect finishing to your nails. If you wish to keep simple nail designs, you can opt for velvet tips in which only the tips are painted with glitters.


3. Checkerboard Nail Designs

Checkerboard nails never go out of style and are regarded as one of the oldest, yet coolest designs of all time. It gives a retro as well as playful look to your nails. 

Apart from the classic black and white pattern, these uniquely gorgeous nail designs can also be done in various colors. It is true that this design takes up a lot of time and patience, but for a person who admires this design, it is worth the wait. This design doesn’t need long nails necessarily. It’s one of the short nail designs, so you can try them on short nails too.


4. French Manicure

French manicures are still trending in 2022 as one of the summer nail designs and continue to hook us with French tipped nails.  It is the go style for everyone who wishes to keep it clean and classy. Be it square, oval or squoval shaped nails, french manicure can be done to all shapes. It gives nude nails an accentuating white tip giving a fresh look to your nails.


5. Tie-dye Nail Designs

Just like tie-dye t-shirts, Tie-dye nail art has become a trendsetter these days. It can be done on various patterns and gradients such as water-marble or classic ombre.  From pastels to psychedelic mixes, it can be done in mesmerizing designs to achieve the nail arts of your dreams.


6. Mismatched Nail Designs

If you are bored and want to make your free time something creative, then go for the mismatched nail designs. Paint your nails with different colors and patterns you like to make your nails more interesting and vibrant. If you want your nails to look elegant, you can just paint only the tips of your nails with whatever color you like.


7. Cow Print

Cow prints are a playful and loud pattern which pops up with its classic black and white combination. The black imperfect spots are imprinted onto nails with a white or clear base coat to get the perfect cow print nail designs. In case if you don\’t want a black and white theme, you switch to brown and black, orange and navy blue, or pink and white.


8. Nature Inspired Designs

For all the nature lovers, nature inspired nail design is perfect for you. Add flowers and greenery to your nails if you wish to add a piece of nature to your nail designs. Paint any kind of flower in the color of your choice onto a clear coat in your nails. If you wish to add greenery, paint a few leaves to make the design look more natural and balanced.


9. Doodle Nails

Doodle nail arts are becoming the hottest trends of 2022. This can be done by anyone who wants to portray their artistic talents. Nails serve as canvas for those who wish to draw tiny interesting doodles to each of your nails like swirls, hearts, smileys or yin and yangs. You are free to create your own designs and fictional characters out of your creativity. 


10. Tiny Florals

When it comes to nail designs, Floral nail art is a widely common and most loved nail designs of all times. Using a dotting tool or toothpick, you can easily paint cute little flowers of any color or size on your nails. To complete this design, add a clear coat on the painted nails to give a pro-made look. 


11. Striped Nails

Striped nail design is one of the easiest nail art out there. Stripes can be horizontal, vertical, slanted or water striped. All you need is a nail tape or masking tape to make stripes of your choice and apply the desired nail color over it. After applying the color, take out the tape and you will get your stunning striped effect. They can also be designed to make coffin nail designs.


12. Colored Tips

Colored nail tips are a colorful alternative to the classic French manicure. It gives the classic french manicure a contrasting twist by painting the tip of your nails with a color of your choice. To make it more vibrant, you can give different colors to each of your nails.


13. Ombre Designs

Ombre design can help you transform your nails to stylish color gradients from shadow to light. As there are many designs, to save your time, you can use the dotting tool or bobby pin to make polka dots to each of your nails in the color of your choice.


14. Neutral Patterns

Neutral patterns stay stylish in their own way. To attain this design, you can mix different patterns like checkerboard or stripes with a chic color palette so that it stays less vibrant and elegant. Choose nude shades to paint the pattern of your choice in your nails so that your nails stay trendy and stylish.


15. Dot Art Nails

Dot arts are easy to do nail designs which require less effort and time to have it done. It can be done by using a dotting tool to make small dots in whichever pattern or color you like. If you don\’t want too many dots, you can go for a single big dot in random spots of your nails.


16. Surfboard Nails

As the name implies, this nail art design gives a mini surfboard look to your nails. It is the best nail design to have during the summer. There is nothing cooler than this, when you hang out on the beach. According to your choice, you can paint your nails with bright colors like that of a surfboard.


17. Tonal Gradient

When you can\’t pick a color, go for the tonal gradient design. Gradient nails are the new cool nail design if you are looking to add an artistic twist to your normal nail design. With this design, you can display a color spectrum on your nails.


18. Metallic Nail Designs

Metallic nail design appears glossy just like a polished metal. It is not limited to only chrome color. Any color can be given a metallic finish using a metallic powder. You have to apply the metallic powder on top of the base coat and apply a clear coat to get the smooth metallic design for your nails. Metallic nail designs can include pink nail designs or designs in other color such as white nail designs.


19. Rainbow Nails

Rainbow nail design is ideal if you want your nails to be attractive and colorful just like a rainbow. With bright neon nail paints, you can paint a rainbow in patterns like polka dots or swirls on your whole nail to make it very vibrant and bold. 


20. Sea-Glass Nails

Seaglass design is similar to jelly nail design but having a frosted finish. The procedure for applying seaglass is similar to that of jelly, but has a few extra steps. Combination of both mail color and clear coat gives it a transparent look. This mixture is applied on the nails followed by a clear coat and a final coat of matte finish top coat to complete the design.


21. Confetti Nails

In confetti nail design, the glitters or colorful sprinklers are added to make it seem so fun and chic. Apply glitters of different shapes like stars or hearts onto a neutral or clear base to make a contrasting and an eye catchy look to your nails. You can also get the confetti nail extension in various designs to style it for different occasions.


22. Crosshatch Nail Designs

Crosshatch designs are easy to achieve if you have the proper nail art tools with you. To design crosshatch nails, paint your nails with light colors and place a few thin strips of nail tape horizontally on the nail leaving small spaces in between. After painting your nails with black or dark colors, remove the tape. You will have the perfect crosshatch nails.


23. Two-Tone Nails

Like the name suggests, two-tone nail designs is the way of designing your nails with two different nail polish. It is becoming quite popular nowadays with celebrities using two tone nail art to show off their manicured nails. Sticking nail tape on one side helps in giving a perfect finishing to the two tone design. Two-tone nails are also one of the nude nail designs where you can keep the nail design nude to reveal the skin under your nails.


24. Holographic Design

Holographic nail design has been gaining popularity in social media since the past few years. And there is a good reason why it became so popular. Holographic designs have a beautiful rainbow effect when shown under bright light. Giving an unique style, the iconic gleam of the holographic design is an absolute style statement.


25. Gold Foil Nail Designs

This nail art is one of the stunning nail designs of 2022. Gold foil in matte finish is the new trend that creates a special dramatic impact with contrasting textures which is quite attention seeking. All you need is nail art glue and gold foil to try this design.


26. Line Art Nail Designs

Line design takes up much effort in drawing a continuous line with a fine nail brush on your nail. In case you are not that good at drawing, line nail art designs are available in the form of nail wraps and stickers to get the perfect design with ease.


27. Hearts Design

If you want some cute design to be painted on your nails, choose the hearts design which is equally sweet and lovely. You can paint it in any color or size you like. Heart shaped nail stickers are also available to make your nail designing job easy-peasy. Just apply the nail wrap or sticker to your nail and you\’re done.


28. Textured Nail Designs

Textured nails are leading the manicure industry with the introduction of new forms of textured and acrylic nail designs. It is more of a decorative style that incorporates gorgeous embroideries, beading  or any other texture you like. Place embellishments on your base coat and apply the base coat twice or thrice until the embellishment sticks firmly on your nails. Nail extensions with textured nail designs are also available for those who want to get their nails done quickly.


29. Playful Nail Designs

Playful nail designs are those that add a fun and cute look to your nails. According to your taste, you can add cute designs such as butterflies, smileys, bees, leaves or stars on your nails. You can experiment these designs on whichever color shade you prefer and make it look more interesting. These chic nail arts designs can go well when you are on a vacation or swim parties.


30. Outline Nail Designs

This design can help your nail design stand out as a dark outline is applied to each of your nails. According to the base color and thickness of the outline, it makes the nail paint pop. In case you want a white colored outline, make sure you choose a contrasting base coat to highlight your nails



Nails definitely play an important role in both defining your personality and giving an impression of you as well. So get yourself updated to the latest trending nail designs for a stylish transformation for your nails.

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