Top 10 LED Street Light Manufacturers


How do you imagine a modern city? Buildings are tall. Roads are well-built. And more, you will get street lights everywhere. Thanks to LED street lights manufacturers. There are a lot of questions people have about LED street light fixture manufacturers. It would help if you decided what you wanted through research.
We are making things easier for you here. The present blog will take you on a journey to find top LED street light fixture manufacturers. We will learn about their business. What is a unique quality in them? And why should we select them? What to think before choosing a company? So let us begin!

Ten Best LED Street Light Manufacturers

This section will discuss the ten best LED street light suppliers. It will help you in selecting a good choice for you. Let us proceed ahead and find out the right one for you.

1. Kanglight

Kanglight is one of the top Chinese LED street light manufacturers. They have been in the business since 1999. It does not matter what you want. You will get everything on their platform. There is a wide variety of options that are available here. The company has more than 300 employees. Kanglight is one of the top choices for the people of China. It is not about street lights. You can get a variety of options here. Innovation and creativity is the goal. Customer satisfaction is a must.

2. CECEP Lattice Lighting

CECEP Lattice Lighting is among the top Chinese LED street light manufacturers. The company operates in China and has customers from all around the globe. The prime goal of the company is to provide tailored solutions to clients. You will get a complete solution as per your need.

3. NVC Lighting

NVC Lighting has its headquarters in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. The company has been running since 1998. NVC is among the top LED street light fixture manufacturers. The company is also a part of the Olympic Council of Asia and other projects. It has customers from all across the globe. You will get high-quality products on their platform.

4. Bridgelux

If you want to experience the power and possibility of light, it is your place. The company has been delivering solutions to clients since 2002. Come to this platform if you want to experience cost-effective creative solutions. Get in touch for commercial and industrial lighting solutions. The company believes in doing complete research using human potential.

5. Kingsun Lights

You cannot skip the name of Kingsun Lights when discussing outdoor LED street lights. Kingsun Lights is one of the biggest Chinese LED street light manufacturers. The company keeps science standards at the top. Thus, you are going to see creative solutions on the platform. Customer review is something that will tell you about their expertise.

6. SNC Lighting

The company has been working since 2012 to deliver the best results. As a result, it is among the top LED street light manufacturers in China and the world. There are several certifications with the company which prove its worth. There are many products available on this platform that can be helpful to you.

7. Zopoise Technology

The company has headquarters in Zhuzhou, China. Zopoise Technology has been in the business since 2014. There is a team of researchers who do deep research. There is a complete facility with good infrastructure for this. Hence, the customers get top-quality LED lights from Zopoise. The material and assembly cost is low. Hence, the solution is reliable and affordable. The automatic production line of the company helps in fast production. So, when you choose one of the best Chinese LED street light manufacturers, consider it!

8. Hubbell Incorporated

Hubbell Incorporated is a famous LED street light company in the USA. It is one of the first choices of people in the list of best LED street light fixture manufacturers. The area of their operation is vast. Street lights, road lamps, and many other lights are there. This company focuses on maintaining quality. Creativity is one thing that they believe is an essential thing.

9. GE Lighting

GE Lighting has its headquarters in Ohio, United States. It is one of the largest LED street light manufacturers in the whole country. You are going to get a lot of options for commercial and residential lighting from them. The company has wide options that you can select for outdoor LED street lights. GE Lighting has been innovating and creating new solutions for the market. They believe in customer satisfaction as their top priority.

10. Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands is a company that keeps customers as a top priority. The company has its name among the top LED street light suppliers. It is a company of the best people. All people come together to work and create great solutions. It is not about completing a task anyhow. It is more about developing long-term solutions for their clients. The company is leading in experience and creates solutions in detail. They have a good range of outdoor LED street lights.

These are the top 10 LED street light suppliers around the globe. Make sure that you consult this list before making a decision. Make sure that you think before you select the company. There are many factors we will consider in the blog below to help. It will deliver your results well. Also, it can save you time and some money too.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Street Light Manufacturers

There are some things to know when choosing. Do you know what these points are? What are the benefits of following these points? We are going to understand it in detail here in this section. It will benefit you in making a good decision.

  • Choices Available

It will be easy for you to choose when you see variety. Also, the number of options available will prove their creativity. Who likes everyday things? The same applies to street lights. Thus, choose a place with a lot of options.

  • Good Research

Doing good research before choosing the company is essential. There are a lot of places among LED street light manufacturers. Thus, it can be a confusing thing. So, doing proper research online will give you an advantage. You can also select as per your choice and demand. Good research will ensure that you will get the lights of choice.

  • Affordability

Affordable solutions are available in the market. It is the way you search. Some people think that affordable choices are not present with good platforms. But, it is not the right thing. There are many top platforms that deliver affordable solutions. You will get many among LED street light manufacturers. So, look for affordable solutions.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best thing to see when you want to know a company. Most of the top LED street light manufacturers work on this thing. Delivering good results and services to clients is the prime task people follow. Thus, always take customer reviews. You will also get an idea about the options present on the platform.


This list will be helpful for you to search for the best LED street light manufacturers. Kanglight is one company that you can always choose. Always make sure that you do thorough research and then make your decision. Doing this will ensure that you get things as per your choice.
There are a lot of companies coming into this street light industry. It results in many options that an individual can get for him. So, choose right and get the best.

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